• 13 dez 2018

    Call to the worker’s class and other exploited to vote null

Masses, 30th year, n. 573 – September 30th to October 14th, 2018.

The great majority of the population distrusts and despises the parties of the bourgeoisie and its candidates. And there are plenty of reasons. Faced with the discontent of the masses, institutions, parties, churches, trade unions, and the press carried out a unified campaign to drag millions to vote for the candidates. They condemned the abstention, the null and white vote. They rejoiced in the name of “democracy,” which is bourgeois, for having succeeded in undermining the resistance of the masses.

Government gets in and out without improving the life conditions of the masses. On the contrary, unemployment, underemployment and the minimum wage of R$ 954.00 have pushed millions of families into even greater misery. The health system and the public school are scrapped. The capitalists have been enforcing labor reform and expanding outsourcing. The average wage gets lower. The peasants are more and more subordinate to agribusiness. The country has the unsupportable weight of public debt. The economy cannot take a leap in growth. The industry regresses. Services occupy it’s space. Financial parasitism overlaps with production.

The masses, therefore, have carried on the back the unbearable burden of the structural crisis of capitalism. Meanwhile, the bankers loot the National Treasury. National. Capitalists continue to concentrate more property and wealth. The government promotes privatizations. And imperialist capital advances its domination over the Brazilian economy.

Whoever is the presidential candidate elected will continue to govern for the bourgeoisie and subordinate the lives of the majority to the economic laws of decomposing capitalism. The National Congress will remain in the hands of the MDB, PSDB, DEM, and the small streak that gathers strength in the center, in the bible, ox, and bullet benches. And they rely on the Armed Forces and the police to rule. That’s the real political power!

It will not be possible to elect a proletarian, revolutionary fraction that could use parliament only as a tribune to address the exploited, to encourage struggles, to denounce bourgeois government, to stand at the head of strikes, to oppose the poor’s interests to the rich’s, to raise the class consciousness of the proletariat and to work for socialism. It is not possible because the working class does not have its party, shaped and tempered in the class struggle. This party is being built.

These elections have a particularity. They occur after the coup d’état, which overthrew the PT government, and two years of civilian dictatorship. After the National Congress impose the labor reform, the law of outsourcing and the reform of high school. After hand the pre-salt and part of Eletrobras over to the multinationals. And after hand Embraer over to Boeing. Nothing that has been done by the government of Temer will be undone. On the contrary, like it or not, the next government will have to keep the guidelines dictated by imperialism in the face of the economic crisis. The exploited should not believe in any of the electoral promises, which promise to change the course of economic policy and anti-national and anti-popular measures.

Now, when the PT-PCdoB coalition can reach the second round, the pressure increases to unite the left around Haddad. At the same time, Haddad already asks that the capitalists begin to open some of their doors to initiate reconciliation. The ultra-rightist, Jair Bolsonaro, in turn, strengthens its ranks with the adhesion of important business groups. Both movements directed at certain fractions of the capitalist class indicate that the elected will begin his government bound to commitments with the enemies of the exploited masses.

The left, PSOL and PSTU, are lost amid inter-bourgeois disputes. The PSOL fired its petty-bourgeois socialism. It seeks to take advantage of the women’s rejection of the fascist Bolsonaro. PSTU follows the same direction of PSOL, seeking to distinguish more to the left with the banner of “popular rebellion.” The electoral opportunism of the reformist and centrist left was crushed by the polarization that was built between Bolsonaro and Haddad’s candidacy, as if the PTist candidacy was the salvation of democracy against fascism.

Our struggle in the electoral field is always guided by the defense of the class independence of the proletariat and the other exploited. There is no left-wing party that truly expresses the claims, the strategy, and the revolutionary tactics. The defense of the null vote, by the construction of the revolutionary workers’ party, is the only possible way, in these circumstances, to preserve class independence and combat the democratic illusions of the masses.

Workers, peasants and oppressed youth, vote null against all bourgeois politics and for the construction of the party of the proletarian revolution!